Shop by Product Number

Go to:

If you have the 6-digit product number, you can click on “shop by product #” in the top navigation. Enter the product number and the quantity in the appropriate boxes. The product name will automatically be displayed. Continue adding one product number per line till you’re done, then click “Add to Bag” at the end of the list.

Want to order from a different campaign? You can choose one of the two previous campaigns by selecting it in the Campaign dropdown menu.


Note: To receive the appropriate pricing from a previous campaign, make sure you’ve chosen the campaign number in the campaign dropdown box for each item.

If you don’t know the product number, no worries! You can search for a product using all or part of the product name.

  • From the Search by Product # page, scroll down to the “Search Product Name” section.


  • Choose the campaign, then enter all or part of the product name in the “Product Name” field. Click “search”.
  • A “Search Results” box will pop up showing all of the products for the selected campaign that match the search term you’ve entered.
  • To select items from your search results, click “ADD” to add the items to the form on the Shop by Product Number page.
  • Once you have completed adding your items, close the search results box by clicking “Close”.
  • Click “Add to Bag” to add items to your order.


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